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Looking to download Silencio album online ? Released: Jul 24, 2012, Laetitia Sadier released Alternative album Silencio.

Album has 12 Songs, 47 Minutes available to download or listen

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Download here

Album songs list:
The Rule of the Game 5:00

Find Me the Pulse of the Universe 2:53

Silent Spot 3:00

Auscultation to the Nation 4:46

There Is a Price to Pay for Freedom (And It Isn't Security) 4:21

Moi Sans Zach 3:48

Between Earth and Heaven 4:08

Lightning Thunderbolt 3:16

Fragment pour le future de l'homme 4:40

Merci de m'avoir donne la vie 4:34

Next Time You See Me 2:42

Invitation au silence 4:29


Laetitia Sadier continues to display admirable self-possession and subversive flair on her sophomore solo album, Silencio. Sadier’s vocals remain rooted in the syncopated stylings of Astrud Gilberto and similar bossa nova chanteuses. Her charisma here is only heightened by the deft blending of analog synthesizers and folk-jazz acoustic instrumentation. There are intriguing sonic textures galore, like the cascading electronica blips in “Between Heaven and Earth” and the rippling vibraphone in “Silent Spot.” A gliding disco groove lends “Fragment Pour le Future de L’Homme” an intoxicating kick, while “Silent Sport” dips into a spacy lounge mood. Sadier uses these shifting aural colors to frame lyrics both introspective and socially conscious in content. “The Rules of the Game,” “Ascultation to the Nation," and “There Is a Price You Pay for Freedom (And It Isn’t Security)” are among the scathing indictments of the ruling classes found here. Sadier moves between such urbane protest pieces and erotic musings like “Lightning Thunderbolt” with ease, making Silencio a multifaceted showcase for her sophisticated talents.
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