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Looking to download Mohammad Ali Jinnah album online ? Released: Jan 13, 2017, Muslimgauze released Electronic album Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Album has 15 Songs, 1 Hour 4 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Kurds Eye view. 5:23

Imam Fainted. 4:11

Burnt Pages of Ali Jinnah Koran. 7:36

Rafia in Her Voluminous Black Tent. 7:31

Yousif Water Pipe Habit. 5:05

Opulent Maghrebi Meze. 5:45

Cold Turkey. 3:39

Because he had a mustache and beard, they thought he was an Arab. 3:42

Abu Kaff, your guide around a west bank Bedouin Shack. 3:22

Abdullah Kosher Halal. 2:17

Bleu box of Zaffarool Goudarzi. 2:18

Zahir Din, Cabdriver of Zind. 2:30

Indo Muslem Atlas. 1:53

For Larger Iran 7:24

Hazarajat. 2:01

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