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Looking to download Kaleidoscope (Extended Versions) album online ? Released: Dec 15, 2009, Tiësto released Dance album Kaleidoscope (Extended Versions).

Album has 13 Songs, 1 Hour 33 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Kaleidoscope (Extended Version) [feat. Jónsi] 8:04

Escape Me (Extended Version) [feat. C.C. Sheffield] 7:00

You Are My Diamond (Extended Version) [feat. Kianna] 8:02

I Will Be Here (Extended Version) [feat. Sneaky Sound System] 6:00

I Am Strong (Extended Version) [feat. Priscilla Ahn] 7:35

Here On Earth (Extended Version) [feat. Cary Brothers] 6:48

Always Near (Extended Version) 7:58

Century (Extended Version) [feat. Calvin Harris] 6:12

Feel It In My Bones (Extended Version) [feat. Tegan & Sara] 8:31

Bend It Like You Don't Care (Extended Version) 6:28

Louder Than Boom (Extended Version) 7:48

La Ride (Extended Version) 6:04

Fresh Fruit (Extended Version) 7:17

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Kaleidoscope (Extended Versions) online album
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