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Looking to download Heartsongs (Live from Home) album online ? Released: Sep 27, 1994, Dolly Parton released Country album Heartsongs (Live from Home).

Album has 23 Songs, 1 Hour 16 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1646#photographerspoint110818

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1646#photographerspoint110818

Album songs list:
Heartsong (Live) 5:24

I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes (Live) 2:51

Mary of the Wild Moor (Live) 4:05

In the Pines (Live) 2:41

My Blue Tears (Live) 2:47

Applejack (Live) 3:34

Coat of Many Colors (Live) 4:20

Smoky Mountain Memories (Live) 4:10

Night Train to Memphis (Live) 2:42

What a Friend We Have In Jesus (Live) 2:36

Hold Fast to the Right (Live) 2:32

Walter Henry Hagan (Live) 3:40

Barbara Allen (Live) 5:24

Brave Little Soldier (Live) 3:54

To Daddy (Live) 2:55

True Blue (Live) 3:05

Longer Than Always (Live) 2:58

Wayfaring Stranger (Live) 3:09

My Tennessee Mountain Home (Live) 3:22

Heartsong (Reprise) [Live] 2:19

Cas Walker Theme (Live) 0:57

Black Draught Theme (Live) 1:24

PMS Blues (Live) 5:36

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