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Looking to download Life's Rich Pageant album online ? Released: Jul 28, 1986, R.E.M. released Rock album Life's Rich Pageant.

Album has 12 Songs, 38 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
Begin the Begin 3:27

These Days 3:23

Fall On Me 2:49

Cuyahoga 4:20

Hyena 2:49

Underneath the Bunker 1:25

The Flowers of Guatemala 3:56

I Believe 3:49

What If We Give It Away? 3:33

Just a Touch 2:59

Swan Swan H 2:44

Superman 2:52


After the moody and mysterious Fables of the Reconstruction, R.E.M. teamed up with producer Don Gehman to make the hardest- rocking album of their career to date. Michael Stipe’s vocals were pushed to the front of the mix and Peter Buck’s jangle was punched up to a guitar roar on songs such as “Begin the Begin” and “These Days” and given an extra snarl for “Cuyahoga,” “Hyena” and “I Believe.” The single, “Fall On Me,” showcased a haunting, dizzying melody, while “Swan Swan H” played like a forlorn British folk song from centuries past. The album solidified the band’s college-radio base and set them in motion to become one of the ‘80s biggest groups.
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