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Looking to download Jagged Little Pill (Acoustic) album online ? Released: May 24, 2005, Alanis Morissette released Alternative album Jagged Little Pill (Acoustic).

Album has 13 Songs, 57 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
All I Really Want (Acoustic Version) 5:24

You Oughta Know (Acoustic Version) 4:58

Perfect (Acoustic Version) 3:25

Hand in My Pocket (Acoustic Version) 4:31

Right Through You (Acoustic Version) 3:39

Forgiven (Acoustic Version) 4:42

You Learn (Acoustic Version) 4:09

Head over Feet (Acoustic Version) 4:15

Mary Jane (Acoustic Version) 5:07

Ironic (Acoustic Version) 3:56

Not the Doctor (Acoustic Version) 4:24

Wake Up (Acoustic Version) 5:19

Your House (Acoustic Version) 3:37


Alanis Morissette celebrated the 10th anniversary of her milestone Jagged Little Pill by cutting pared-down, acoustic versions of the songs. Even without the alt-rock guitar crunch that made the originals so visceral, hits like "Ironic," "You Oughta Know," and "Hand in My Pocket" still pack plenty of melodic power. The quiet intensity of the arrangements focuses more tightly on Alanis' take-no-prisoners lyrical approach, adding a whole new level of drama to a set of songs already far from lacking in that quality.
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