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Looking to download Astral Rejection album online ? Released: Jun 17, 2011, I Set My Friends On Fire released Alternative album Astral Rejection.

Album has 11 Songs, 35 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
It Comes Naturally 3:36

Infinite Suck 3:43

Excite Dyke 3:03

My Paralyzed Brother Taps His Foot to This Beat 2:37

Astral Rejection 4:05

Developer, The Horn 3:45

Narcissismfof 2:05

Kief Catcher 3:08

Erectangles 2:13

Life Hertz 3:06

Cacafuego, Nuestra Señora de la Concepción! 3:40

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