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Looking to download American Idiot album online ? Released: Sep 20, 2004, Green Day released Alternative album American Idiot.

Album has 13 Songs, 57 Minutes available to download or listen

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Download here

Album songs list:
American Idiot 2:54

Jesus of Suburbia 9:08

Holiday 3:52

Boulevard of Broken Dreams 4:20

Are We the Waiting 2:43

St. Jimmy 2:55

Give Me Novacaine 3:26

She's a Rebel 2:00

Extraordinary Girl 3:33

Letterbomb 4:06

Wake Me Up When September Ends 4:45

Homecoming 9:19

Whatsername 4:12


No one saw this one coming: three minute Berkeley punk rock heroes put together a compelling concept album about a guy known as Jesus of Suburbia who suffers the rise and fall of the American Dream with a nine-minute track (“Jesus of Suburbia”) that splits into five parts as if it’s a tune from Rush. Other tracks follow in similar fashion, splitting into various parts. Characters such as St. Jimmy and Whatsername show up to advance a plotline that’s less important than the overall feeling that something’s going terribly wrong for everyone involved. Post-9/11, the world’s a mess and Billie Joe Armstrong summons up his inner Joe Strummer and Green Day’s Clash tendencies for the title track. But the most rewarding moments are when Armstrong lets his melodic firepower loose. “Holiday” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” use sweet choruses to express their fears and frustrations, with “Extraordinary Girl” and “Letterbomb” furthering the push for pure pop for the now concerned people.
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