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Looking to download Imperfect album online ? Released: May 12, 2015 , Aesthetic Perfection launched Industrial album Imperfect.

Album has 13 Songs, 58 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=2909#photographerspoint110918

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=2909#photographerspoint110918

Album songs list:
The Great Depression (Acoustic) 3:33

Tomorrow (Acoustic) 4:32

Inhuman (Acoustic) 3:35

Vapor (Acoustic) 3:54

Devotion (Acoustic) 6:16

Hit the Streets (Acoustic) 3:49

Antibody (Acoustic) 3:54

The Siren (Acoustic) 3:52

Pale (Acoustic) 4:04

Spilling Blood (Acoustic) 4:41

One & Only (Acoustic) 5:42

Big Bad Wolf (Acoustic) 4:36

Spit It Out (Acoustic) 6:20

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