A lot of digital SLR owners tell me that they rarely change their camera's lens—not because they don't own several, but because they're worried about getting dust or dirt in the camera. That's a reasonable concern: Dirt can collect on the sensor and gunk up your photos. But having interchangeable lenses is the whole point of using a digital SLR... Read-More

1. They make you work harder

With a zoom lens, it's easy to get lazy and zoom in and out, letting the lens do the hard work for you, but a prime lens makes you think about the shot more, forcing you to be more creative.

2. Weight

With few moving parts, prime lenses are more compact and lighter than their zoom siblings... Read-More

Digital cameras take photographs using an image sensor that converts light to electronic signals. The distinguishing feature of single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras is that the optical viewfinder displays the view through the camera lens. The “single lens” in the name “single-lens reflex” is a reference to this feature: a single lens serves both... Read-More